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Personal training 1-2-1 sessions built around your lifestyle and goals.

Technique sessions to help you get more from your lifts.

 Online individual or team programming.

Max effort strength groups. 

Strength and conditioning for combat sports.

All based out of a private, fully equipped gym.

We are a small private gym, fully equipped with some of the best kit you'll come across.

Wether its strength training, Getting in better shape, Becoming healthier and fitter, wanting to be the best you can be at your sport or you want to give competitive lifting a go. 

We accommodate for all, from complete beginners that have never touched a barbell, through British champion dead lifters and British champion professional fighters from boxing and MMA to muaythai.

We don't do anything fancy. 

We don't have any inside secrets or shortcuts.

But what we do is show you how and where to put in that work, how to approach the work, how to get the most out of it and probably most importantly, how to have loads of fun doing it.

My background in training, fitness and strength all started with a love for Thai boxing around the age of 14. 

this led me eventually to studying Exercise and health science health at Salford university.

As of now I am constantly trying to better my understanding of training and competition in sports like powerlifting.

Then working to always improve how I relay that information to clients to get the best from them.

I want everyone that trains here to look at training as something they get to do rather than a chore they need to tick off.




Fought and won in muay thai

Fought and won in MMA

Gold in the 2013 no gi grapplers games

Competed in BDFPA and ABPU full power meets 

Gold at 2022 ABPU deadlift only national finals

What is Stone SnC?


Past and present members

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